Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fabulous fall

mmmm...do you smell that? take a deep breath... ahhhh...autumn. happy face. i think it's time for another to-do list. don't act like you haven't been waiting for it. so here it is, just in time for the first official day of of the season. okay, okay, so i'm a few days late (and a few dollars short, but that's another issue entirely). give me a break, i have a life you know! i know this list is a bit longer than the others, but it is my very favorite season. so here it is. ready...set...GO!

1.       attend a football game
2.       put away your summer clothes
3.       buy school supplies
4.       rake leaves into a pile, jump into it
5.       carry a lunchbox
6.       drink milk from a tiny carton
7.       enjoy a hay ride
8.       consume copious amounts of apple cider
9.       go trick or treating and/or hand out candy to trick or treaters
10.   eat halloween candy like it’s going out of style
11.   carve a pumpkin. roast the seeds
12.   go to a corn maze
13.   make your own halloween costume
14.   wear a backpack
15.   have a bowl of oatmeal
16.   wear a college sweatshirt
17.   buy a new jacket/coat
18.   eat lots of soup (start with this one)
19.   make a scarecrow
20.   make and eat pumpkin pie
21.   play some schoolyard games. tetherball, four square, kickball…
22.   do some finger painting. hang your creation on the refrigerator
23.   make your house smell like cinnamon
24.   visit an aspen grove, marvel at the beauty
25.   make leaf prints
26.   go to an orchard. pick apples.
27.   tailgate
28.   do something new with your thanksgiving leftovers
29.   wear boots
30.   have some hot chocolate. top it with whipped cream.
31.   buy (or make) a new scarf and break it in
32.   take a walk and listen to the leaves crunch under your feet
33.   take at least one picture of the foliage
34.   wear sweaters, the cozier the better
35.   read a book snuggled under a cozy blanket
36.   enjoy the bounty of your garden
37.   decorate the house (for halloween, thanksgiving, general fall awesomeness…)
38.   pig out on thanksgiving and don’t you dare count the calories
39.   eat candy corn
40.   make a pumpkin pie
41.   light a fire in the fireplace
42.   make pancakes and cover them with REAL maple syrup
43.   bake cookies
44.   host a harvest potluck
45.   put flannel sheets on the bed
46.   sleep with the window open and an extra blanket on the bed
47.   make caramel apples
48.   watch the world series
49.   go to a haunted house (or something of the sort)
50.   watch a halloween movie, be it scary or otherwise

Friday, September 17, 2010

more lessons in awesome

if you are really serious about being awesome, you must embrace your individuality. no two forms of awesome look (or think, or act) exactly alike. so, be who you are! just be the best, most awesome version of you.