Monday, July 5, 2010

this is the least tight thing that's ever happened to me

today, i popped a bag of microwave popcorn and sat down to enjoy a healthy dose of crime solving and butter delicious movie theater butter flavored popcorn. disappointment. i had mistakenly popped kettle corn. "awww man." i actually these words regardless of the fact that i am totally alone in my apartment. great. now i'm disappointed and talking to myself. this is worse than i thought. then i thought, "wait a minute, i like kettle corn." good point lindsay. you do like kettle corn. why else would you have purchased kettle corn? i came to this conclusion, expectations have a profound influence on experience.  also, kettle corn is even better when you toss some gummy bears into it. i guess that's two conclusions, so... productive day.


Ashley said...

I really don't like kettle corn, but I really do like talking to myself, so there you go.

The Morris Family said...

I love kettle corn, especially with some added salt to it!

Chess said...

Mmmm... Kettle corn. And M&Ms. Have you ever bought Mallow Magic? Sooooo good.