Monday, July 29, 2013

in which i remember that i have a blog and attempt to catch you up on my life

as if you care. just in case you do, here's the reader's digest version of the last, oh, i don't know, 5 months of my life. 

ummmmm... march was a really long time ago. i don't remember anything exceptional from the month. oops.

ran beat coach pete. didn't beat pete. but i did run my fastest 5k ever and he beat me by less than 2 minutes. i'm okay with that.

exactly one week later i ran robie!!! for real. 13.1 miles, most of it uphill and i did it all by myself. okay. not ALL by myself, i had a friend who ran it with me-the first 2 and a half miles anyway, then he left me in his dust. the point is, i finished. check that off the 30 by 30 list!

finished up the semester at school and got hired by the boise art museum to teach a summer art class. i'm kind of a big deal.

taught the summer art class at the museum. so much fun. the kids were great and it was nice to be able to focus exclusively on art for a bit. we did a variety of projects focusing on the current exhibit featuring art from africa and from papua new guinea as well as native american art.
took a trip to yellowstone with the fam. was treed by an elk. 2 of them actually. for real, that happened. it was kind of the coolest thing that has ever happened to me and all i could think was "crap! i left my camera in the car!"

work, work, work. no worries though, my job is awesome. i mean where else could you work where dressing like this is not only acceptable, but encouraged?
i have also dressed as wonder woman, the golden snitch (from harry potter), one of the muses from disney's hercules, and cyndi lauper. this week is a toss up between yzma (from the emperor's new groove) and dorothy (from the wizard of oz) and the week after that i'm going as little bo peep. have i mentioned that i love my job?!

other things that have happened recently:
i have a herniated disc in my back which is pinching my sciatic nerve. it's pretty much the most painful thing ever and i am currently unable to do anything physical (volleyball, running, tying my own shoes). it sucks, but that's just part of life i guess
i was hired to work in the outreach program at the art museum for the school year. i'm just that awesome.

i guess that's it. okay, back to life as usual and regular posting!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


today at work we played "if...?" which is just a silly made-up game where you ask a bunch of silly made-up questions that start with the word "if" and then everybody answers them. i have no idea how this game started but it has become a "thing" and we play it regularly. anyway, one of my teens asked which fictional world i would want to live in if i could live in any fictional world. i have 2 fundamental problems with this question:

1) who's to say that any of these so-called fictitious worlds is actually fictitious? maybe they are all real and we just don't know it yet.
2) it is really really not fair to ask me to choose my favorite nerddom. and let's just be honest, that is precisely what this question is forcing me to do. i am not okay with that!

ask me anything else. anything! i can answer all of the other "if" questions without missing a beat, but this? this is just not fair.

we did determine that if i lived in middle earth i would choose to live with the hobbits. they know how to party. exact words uttered to a room of teenagers explaining this choice.

btw, i finally chose the TARDIS since i would then be able to travel anywhere in time and space, including the other "fictional" worlds, provided they actually exist somewhere in our universe.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

i told him he was

i'm WAAAYYYY behind here, and i promise i'm going to catch up, just not today. soon, my pretties. soon. the thing is, it's wednesday so that means dear boys. i know you've missed my posts. i was m.i.a. for a bit because i was super frustrated with boys in genereal and one in particular, but i then i received this little nugget of information

turns out, i've been doing it wrong all these years. obviously, rudy has it all figured out. so here goes nothin'

dear bram,
this is me telling you that you are my boyfriend. there. it's official.

do you think it worked???????