Friday, July 30, 2010

games for the super intelligent

i may or may not have developed an inappropriate relationship with youtube. when i say inappropriate, what i mean is that i spend incredible amounts of time watching ridiculous videos and laughing to myself loudly, and unabashedly.  i usually begin by watching videos of people getting injured in the unlikeliest of ways and typically end with a series of music videos (you can check out some of my favorites here and here). recently, during a particularly long session of mindless video watching, a had a whim. since i also follow through with my whims (change my major, my hair, my place of residence...) i went with it. enter a 4 hour comedian chase. yes, 4 hours, i have a lot of time on my hands. okay, so it wasn't really a chase since the word "chase" implies some sort of physical action and i'm pretty sure that typing names and clicking links from the comfort of my air conditioned living room don't actually count as physical. whatever. the point is, what started out as merely entertaining turned out to be surprisingly informative. to understand what i really mean here you must watch these videos. if you know me as well as you think you do you'll see what i'm getting at...
WARNING: i have no control over demetri martin's language, and it is, shall we say, "strong" at points. sorry.

did you figure it out?

Thursday, July 29, 2010


i can't believe i got so distracted in my last post that i forgot to tell you about this video. slap me in the face.
my favorite band+my favorite puppets=sheer awesomeness!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

masters of the music video

someone asked me what my favorite music video is. trick question. music videos are either brilliantly wonderful or terribly sucktastic. there is no middle ground here. so when asked about my favorite, i was stumped. but only for like a second. then i remembered how ok go has cemented their status as masters of the music video. for realsies. every video they make is genius. i'll prove it. enter exhibit a:

not convinced? check out this little somethin'-somethin':

who comes up with this stuff? don't know, don't care so long as they continue to do so. like they did here:

why yes, that is the notre dame marching band. that, my friends, is clout. as if that wasn't enough, they went and made another video for the same song. overkill? maybe, but i prefer to think of it as strategic. i've saved the best for last here:


Monday, July 26, 2010

this is me

itching for some new music. suggestions?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


you may have noticed that my blog background has changed. :( sad face. i liked my old background. i really liked my old background. you might even say that i loved it. it was practically perfect in every way. at least, until they took it down. stupid blog designers, don't they know they're ruining my life? i suppose that's what i get for not being smart enough to design my own...

p.s. expect it to change again since i am not convinced that i like it...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

happy thoughts 7/11-7/17

sunday: "you know that silver stuff that's magnetic?"
monday: dumpster diving for boxes
tuesday: 2 for one and none for me
wednesday: giant slip 'n' slide
thursday: deep fried good-bye
friday: movie remake with heather
saturday: still the favorite aunt

Thursday, July 15, 2010

moving sucks

i hate moving.  that's not entirely true, i like a change of pace and being in a new place and stuff, but i really, REALLY hate to pack. no matter how many trips i take to d.i. (first trip=5 trash bags, second trip=2...) i still look at my piles of boxes and realize that i have A LOT OF STUFF!!!! for those of you who find yourself in a similar predicament (or who someday might) i have put together a handy-dandy little step-by-step guide for your viewing pleasure

the first thing you need is boxes. dumpster diving is the best (read:cheapest) way to get them
the next step sounds really easy, but in actuality not so much. just put everything you own-EVERYTHING YOU OWN-into a box. boxing up your life is not as easy and it sounds.
if you still need boxes, go to the liquor store. you'll look like a drunk, but they let you take as many as you want for free and they are just the right size for heavy stuff like books.
the boxes will take over. they will run you out of town. well, you're leaving anyway so that's not so bad. stepping on boxes every time you move, however, is no bueno. think collapsing the empties will help? wrong.
the ones with stuff in them are even worse, especially when you are moving weeks before your roommates
(i took these pictures 2 days ago. the stacks are even taller now. no fun.)

4+ boxes of shoes? check. (i couldn't find the fourth one when i took these...)
4 boxes of art supplies? check. don't forget the 5 boxes of books or the 3 suitcases and 2 boxes of clothes. oh, and make sure you pack 3 boxes of kitchen stuff and 4 boxes of pictures and such from your now naked walls. i almost forgot to mention the furniture. ohhhh, the furniture. the bulky, bulky, impossible to pack efficiently furniture.

maybe i should just sell it all and buy new stuff. expensive? sure, but at least i wouldn't have to pack...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

all you need is...

the beatles famously sang that all you need is love. i used to think they were right. love=awesome, and awesome is what we're shooting for here. so, yes, all you need is love. i love chocolate. not too long ago i read an article about chocolate. yes, chocolate. i told you i love it. anyway, this article provided me with two pieces of knowledge i did not have before. first, chocolate tastes different to men than it does women. weird. second, the eating of chocolate creates the same chemical response in your brain as love. whaaaaat?! seriously?! my whole life i've been under the impression that all you need is love, but as it turns out, all you really need is chocolate.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


sunday: scones and breadsticks
monday: fireworks, again.
tuesday: pillow fight
wednesday: chicken cordon bleu
thursday: my flowers are finally blooming
friday: serendipity
saturday: naptime...

Monday, July 5, 2010

this is the least tight thing that's ever happened to me

today, i popped a bag of microwave popcorn and sat down to enjoy a healthy dose of crime solving and butter delicious movie theater butter flavored popcorn. disappointment. i had mistakenly popped kettle corn. "awww man." i actually these words regardless of the fact that i am totally alone in my apartment. great. now i'm disappointed and talking to myself. this is worse than i thought. then i thought, "wait a minute, i like kettle corn." good point lindsay. you do like kettle corn. why else would you have purchased kettle corn? i came to this conclusion, expectations have a profound influence on experience.  also, kettle corn is even better when you toss some gummy bears into it. i guess that's two conclusions, so... productive day.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


sunday: invictus
monday: out to dinner so as not to heat the house by cooking
tuesday: a/c worked for the entire drive back to provo
wednesday: what's that? a cooking blog? yes, please!
thursday: compiling playlists
friday: siesta, then fiesta
saturday: bracelet buddies

Friday, July 2, 2010

red, white and cool

just in time for the holiday weekend, i have compiled a playlist to accompany your summer of awesomeness. once again, i have tediously arranged these songs for your ultimate listening pleasure, so DON'T MESS WITH IT!!!! or do. whatever, i won't even know...
1.    in the summertime-mungo jerry
2.    summertime-will smith and dj jazzy jeff
3.    doin’ time-sublime
4.    summer love-justin timberlake
5.    sittin’ on the dock of the bay-otis redding
6.    island in the sun-weezer
7.    summer nights-rascal flats
8.    teenage dirtbag-wheatus
9.    summer girls-lfo
10.    say hey (i love you)-michael franti & spearhead
11.    walking on sunshine-katrina and the waves
12.    under the boardwalk-the drifters
13.    soak up the sun-sheryl crow
14.    groovin’-the rascals*
15.    california girls-the beach boys
16.    summertime-new kids on the block
17.    summertime-kenny chesney
18.    california love-2pac feat. dr. dre
19.    cruel summer-bananarama
20.    summertime blues-eddie Cochran
21.    summer breeze-jason mraz*
22.    california-phantom planet
23.    stolen-dashboard confessional
*don't appear in the playlist you are hearing because, sadly, they were unavailable. tres tragique. put them in your playlist anyway. totally worth it.