Monday, July 29, 2013

in which i remember that i have a blog and attempt to catch you up on my life

as if you care. just in case you do, here's the reader's digest version of the last, oh, i don't know, 5 months of my life. 

ummmmm... march was a really long time ago. i don't remember anything exceptional from the month. oops.

ran beat coach pete. didn't beat pete. but i did run my fastest 5k ever and he beat me by less than 2 minutes. i'm okay with that.

exactly one week later i ran robie!!! for real. 13.1 miles, most of it uphill and i did it all by myself. okay. not ALL by myself, i had a friend who ran it with me-the first 2 and a half miles anyway, then he left me in his dust. the point is, i finished. check that off the 30 by 30 list!

finished up the semester at school and got hired by the boise art museum to teach a summer art class. i'm kind of a big deal.

taught the summer art class at the museum. so much fun. the kids were great and it was nice to be able to focus exclusively on art for a bit. we did a variety of projects focusing on the current exhibit featuring art from africa and from papua new guinea as well as native american art.
took a trip to yellowstone with the fam. was treed by an elk. 2 of them actually. for real, that happened. it was kind of the coolest thing that has ever happened to me and all i could think was "crap! i left my camera in the car!"

work, work, work. no worries though, my job is awesome. i mean where else could you work where dressing like this is not only acceptable, but encouraged?
i have also dressed as wonder woman, the golden snitch (from harry potter), one of the muses from disney's hercules, and cyndi lauper. this week is a toss up between yzma (from the emperor's new groove) and dorothy (from the wizard of oz) and the week after that i'm going as little bo peep. have i mentioned that i love my job?!

other things that have happened recently:
i have a herniated disc in my back which is pinching my sciatic nerve. it's pretty much the most painful thing ever and i am currently unable to do anything physical (volleyball, running, tying my own shoes). it sucks, but that's just part of life i guess
i was hired to work in the outreach program at the art museum for the school year. i'm just that awesome.

i guess that's it. okay, back to life as usual and regular posting!

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