Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a fickle friend

do you ever decide you aren't going to do something, and not really have a reason? i do. all the time. sometimes it's because i have a really short attention span (i blame it on my job. the kids are rubbing off on me), and sometimes i really do have others things going on. most of the time though, i'm just not in the mood. i realized today that i don't even know what that means exactly. as in "i'm not in the mood to do the dishes right now." duh. doing the dishes sucks. i hate doing the dishes more than pretty much every other household chore. i am NEVER in the mood to do the dishes. is anybody? how about "i'm not in the mood to go to work today." okay, bad example. i genuinely love my job and have no occasion to utter these words, but you get my point. we often let our mood, a fluid concept in the best of circumstances, dictate our behavior. if that's the plan, i think the mood ring is poised for a comeback (let's just hope it has a better plan than a certain pop star who shall remain nameless). i had a roommate once who told me she didn't date because she wasn't in the mood. she was a genius.
who's gonna argue with that one? no one, that's who. so i hereby inform you that i am officially adopting the phrase, specifically as an answer to any question directly or indirectly relating to my current relationship status. that's right folks, adopting. i think i'll let it call me mom ;)

Friday, February 4, 2011

welcome to my life

some things (most of) you didn't know about me:
  1. when i don't feel well i crave really awful, extremely fattening foods. you know the kind i mean; mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, chili cheese fries, etc.
  2. i hate unpainted toenails. this hatred is less pronounced when the nails in question aren't mine.
  3. i'm a jelly bean racist. i only like the white ones.
  4. i will go without makeup if it means i get to sleep a little longer in the morning.
  5. i love new socks. i will know i've made it when i can afford to wear a brand spankin' new pair of socks everyday and never have to wear a pair twice.
  6. i have a small collection of greeting cards to be given to any number of people at some undetermined point in time
  7. i am an excellent boggle player. i like to say i'm a great boggler.
  8. i don't own a skirt that goes more than an inch or so past my knees. i have lovely calves and i like to show them off.
  9. i have read the chronicles of narnia (all seven books) about a hundred times.
  10. i can pretty much quote the following movies start to finish:
  11. the number one most played song on my itunes is "the world spins madly on" by the weepies.
  12. i love to get mail. junk mail is decidedly less thrilling than the kind from an actual person, but i'll take what i can get.
  13. i have never dyed my hair.
  14. i love the number 14. i don't know why.
  15. i should probably be sleeping right now, but i'm doing this instead.
  16. sometimes, when no one is around, i like to pretend i'm being interviewed for a late night talk show. i'm not crazy or anything, i'm just getting ready for when this happens.
  17. i'm awesome. okay, so you knew that one already, but now you know sixteen other things about me too!