Tuesday, March 29, 2011

holi colors batman!!!

over the weekend, i made the drive to utah in order to participate in the festival of colors (aka "holi") which is a traditional hindu festival that takes place each year in celebration of the death of winter and the birth of spring. you can read more about it here. the most popular (and most fun) way to celebrate is by throwing colored powder in the air and sharing love by "coloring" friends and strangers.
kinda like this
or this:

taking care to avoid people's eyes, of course. that's just mean. and even though the powder is non-toxic, it doesn't taste very good, so i would recommend closing your mouth too. the festival i went to encourages such encounters, but also has a group throw with a countdown and such. everybody tosses their colors into the air at the same time and the result is pretty spectacular:
 after the throwing, you will look something like this:
and you can make new friends
but you might want to rinse your mouth to avoid looking like you don't own a toothbrush

i gotta be honest though, i sort of love that i drove 6 hours to do this
and spent 3 hours looking like this

awesome much?!

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Ashley said...

Of all my years in Provo, I never made it to the Festival of Colors. Llama Fest, yes. India Fest, yes. But those aren't nearly as huge as Holi. Glad you had fun!!