Saturday, June 9, 2012

and the winner is...

me. duh. i always win. just kidding, but i do win a lot, especially when it comes to board games. i'm a pro. but that's not really the point here, so back to the task at hand. we (meaning: my monsters teens and i) have selected our summer reads. btw that's why i asked that book/movie question. if you'd like to read along, you are beyond welcome to join us. the kids are getting a free trip to roaring springs which i cannot provide for the rest of you, but reading is its own reward, right?
we are starting off with a quick read, holes by louis sachar (reading june 5th-25th). and then we'll watch the one and only louis stevens, i mean shia labeouf in the movie version (june 26th). sidenote, who would've thought that this kid:
would grow up to be this guy:
did NOT see that one coming...

anyway, we'll then delve into my personal favorite, the princess bride by william goldman (june 27th-july 16th). by golly i love that my teeny weenies chose that one. after reading the genius book, we'll watch the wonderful movie (july 17th), collectively fall in love with westley, just a little bit, and hate humperdinck, a lot. i mean why would you choose this slightly moronic butthead
who plans to have you murdered, when you could hang out with this smoldering love muffin
who was willing to rescue you AND let you throw him down a ravine without even putting up a fight? that's kind of a no-brainer, which is good because little miss buttercup might be beautiful, but she is definitely not brilliant.

we will finish out the summer with a perusal of the classic alice's adventures in wonderland by lewis carroll (july 18th- august 6th) . i haven't decided which version of the movie we're going to watch though (august 7th). being the old woman that the kids perceive me to be, i grew up with this gem
and i kinda love it, but i cannot deny that this remake (if you wanna call it that)
was pretty epic. johnny depp was brilliant as the mad hatter. brilliant i tell you! and the chesire cat was SUPER creepy. i think all cats are creepy, but this fella really takes the cake
what do you think? stick with the classic or dump it for something a little newer?

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