Monday, October 29, 2012

sounds of the season

i'm totally one of those weird people who creates a playlist to suit each season of the year. this year's fall playlist is coming together beautifully, but it's still missing something, so i'm asking my peeps (that's you) for a little help. what song(s) are you listening to repeatedly? is there a song that just feels like fall? should i learn to play it on the piano?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


dear boys,
if you like me, you are doing a terrible job of showing it.
if you don't like me you are doing a terrible job of showing it.
make up your mind please and thank you.
that is all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

awkward teen tuesday

a few tidbits of over-heard conversations in the teen center recently with my personal commentary included in italics

"where's alaska?"
seriously? i know all you teens are geographically challenged, but alaska is part of OUR COUNTRY! also, it's a big state. it's not like when i mix up vermont and new hampshire, which are small and kind of look alike.
"i'm like the girl napoleon dynamite...i mean bonaparte"
i'm sorry to have to tell you this sweetie, but neither of those options is especially complimentary
"people eat my hair on a daily basis"
"please don't draw on my butt"
 i appreciate the fact that you have used your manners here, but i feel like you should be a little more upset in this circumstance
"i almost choked on my hair"
what, did you have a fur-ball caught in your throat? how does that even happen?

and a few from me because i can't let these poor teenagers be the only awkward peeps in the room, that would just be sad

"if this were real life..."
i hate to break it to you self, but this is real life. i know, i was shocked too
"i'm dating your best friend. no i'm not. that would be weird."
you know what's weird? the fact that these words passed your lips in a room full of minors. engage brain, then speak!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

and by that i mean...

dear cardigan,
you're so cute in your old man sweater. and by that i mean you remind me of a childhood television icon. you're like the hispanic mr. rogers. won't you be my neighbor?
lady elaine fairchild

dear rudy,
i miss your hair. and by that i mean, you are the only man who has ever presented evidence that long(ish) hair on a man isn't so terrible. well, you and thor, but he's a demigod whose actual existence is debatable, so pretty much just you.
(not) rapunzel

dear philosophe,
most of what you say goes completely over my head. and by that i mean everything between "hello" and "goodbye." also, you remind me of josh groban with your mass of dark, curly hair. i wonder if you can sing...
college educated

dear ambiguous,
i don't know if we're really friends anymore. and by that i mean that asking me to define our friendship defines our friendship as non-existent.
sad face

dear man-voice,
i really like your man voice. and by that i mean i really like your man voice. also, you smell good.
man hands

Sunday, October 7, 2012

scut farkus, what a rotten name!

so i'm listening to peter and the wolf...

...and i know it's coming, but every time the wolf enters the scene i have the overwhelming desire to watch "a christmas story." i know it's far too early in the year for that nonsense, but now it's my head. well played scut farkus, well played.

and since we all love a good before and after:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

oh dear

dear boys,
yes, all of you. there are some things you should know about me.
  1. i mean what i say. seriously. i'm really not into the sugar-coated, beat-around-the-bush technique. so, if i tell you something, you can pretty much take it at face value.
  2. i am not going to hate you if you don't want to date me. well, i might a little bit, but i'll get over it, i'm really good at that.
  3. i'm not going to hate you if tell me you don't want to date me. i just like to know where i stand. seriously. don't believe me? see item number one.
honestly and truly,lindsay

dear bram,
i'm about 30 seconds away from giving up on you completely. speak now or forever hold your peace.

and finally...

pretty please...